Rod West is one half of Penny Smart Girl, an accounting, bookkeeping, and coaching firm in Seattle mostly run by his better half.

He manages the social media, marketing, and project management side of things, while his wife does everything else. In the past he has worked for companies such as Wells Fargo, Ajilon, and Square (where he managed all courier related projects for the food delivery service Caviar). Currently, Rod is available for freelance and contract opportunities in operations management, project management, and administrative support. He also has a current profile on Upwork.

Sometimes he writes about his travel adventures with his lovely wife at Travel Box Adventures. More often he discusses his thoughts and shares amusing anecdotes on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. He's obsessed with food, and takes pictures of his favorite meals which you can find on his Instagram feed. If you're a fan of amazing music you should check out his Spotify playlists.

Rod has been interested in travelling the world since he could read, and started his international journeys at 16. He is a self-professed hip-hop historian, world history enthusiast, and blerd. He drinks too much coffee and loves to have conversations with friends and strangers alike.

He also loves hamburgers.

He currently lives and works in Seattle, Washington, but he is comfortable wherever you can find good music, food, and/or a beach.